About the Concept

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    Are the Volkaline Products Chemical Free?


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    Who created it?

    Created by nature , Sell and marketed by Volkaline

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    Why should we use it?

    Water quality in India is very poor, RO purified water is acidic in most of the cases. Hence scope of post filtration treatment is there.

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    What is the uniqueness of the refill media technology?

    It adds around 72 type of trace minerals as  you sip. It increases the pH of the water . It works as powerful antioxidant. Antioxidants boost your body’s defenses and alkaline fights acidity naturally.

    This media activates your antioxidant enzymes to fight free radicals and counteract oxidation.

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    How to initiate the use of the bottle?

    1.    Unbox the bottle

    2.    Open the upper cap of the bottle, and fill it half with purified water, hold the bottle tightly and shake carefully, so as to clean from inside

    3.    Flush the water

    4.    Remove the bottom part of bottle, release the steel infusing strainer/console

    5.    Make sure the rubber ring is fixed properly over the edge

    6.    Unbox the refill media pack, put it in strainer and fix the bottom part again

    7.    Open the upper cap of bottle to fill it again with RO purified water , after 10 minute flush the water, repeat this process three times before using the water for drinking purposes

    8.    Now your bottle is ready to use.


    Note: This is post filtration treatment so essentially it must be used with RO purified water.

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    What are the recommend ages?

    All ages although we recommend to consult your medical and health consultant / doctor before using it

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    If I have other questions, who should I contact?

    Write to us at info@volkaline.com

    Or call us on+91  92521-92521

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    What is alkaline water?

    A water comes with a ph above 7 is called alkaline water.

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    What is an antioxidant?

    Antioxidants are organic substances found in foods and drinks. They provide us fighting capacity against oxidation. They Boost our immune system as well.

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    What is oxidation?

    It is like rust in our body. It eats away healthy cells

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    What are the major benefits of taking Antioxidant Alkaline Water?

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    Need of minerals?

    Every disease is traced to a mineral deficiency

    The body cannot produce minerals on its own

    It’s important to consume the minerals  needed in a form that the body can use

About Volkaline Products

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    What is refill media?

    It is a mixture of natural ingredients containing volcanic stones, coconut shell carbon and silica, deep sea salt originated from japan.

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