Volkaline® Glassvial Safety Manual

Installing Original Volkaline® Media in the Glassvial
  • Get a Genuine Volkaline® Media (Gallop, Accell, Antiox, and Vedic) from Authorized Reseller or purchase it from
  • Check whether the seal on the Box is fixed properly
  • Verify the product’s authenticity from the web link given below –
  • Type the product serial number in the text box when prompted
  • Type your mobile number
  • An OTP will be sent to your mobile number containing a verification code
  • Wash your hands clean with hand wash or sanitizer your hand with a sanitizer
  • Get your hands dry after hand wash
  • Open the bottom of the bottle to release part number 3
  • Make sure that the rubber seal is fixed on it properly
  • Put the media pouch in to the strainer as shown in the diagram
  • Fix the strainer into the bottom part as shown in figure 2
  • Tighten the bottom part of the glassvial
  • Put fresh RO / Purified water in the bottle as shown in the diagram
  • Pick the media pouch

Dos and Don'ts
  • Always use RO purified water or Highly purified water in the Volkaline Glassvial
  • Do not put anything except water into it
  • This product is designed for single person use so do not share the product with your family or friends so as to maintain hygiene
  • Keep it away from the reach of children so as to avoid any type of mis happening since the body part is made of Glass. A child or children may not assume the possibilities of harm they may get if it is broken to pieces

  • Don'ts
  • This is not a toy, mind it
  • This product is designed to be used with water only.
  • Do not put direct tap water, milk, juice, packaged cold drink, municipal water, boring water, soda water, impure water, RO waste / rejected water or any other type of water which is not considered to be pure in nature.
  • Do not handover to a child who cannot handle it properly
  • Do not was the bottle with poor quality detergent
  • Do not let the bottle cap open
  • Do not consume water from bottle which is not consumed since last 24 hours. We expect that fresh water should be allowed for mineralization

  • Do not freeze the bottle. Do not put the bottle in freezer / Refrigerator
  • Handle with care as the body of the bottle is made of glass.
  • Not for resale

  • Company, manufacturer, dealer is not responsible of any type of accident which can be caused due to glass breakage or by any spare part of the Product.

Washing Instructions
  • Please follow the following process while washing the product
  • Keep the bottle as indicated in the diagram number 1
  • Open the part number 1 of the bolt e and put it on a sanitized and clean surface
  • Open part number 2 of the bottle and put it as mentioned above
  • Release the part number 3 which contains the Volkaline media pouch and put part number 3 and the media pouch both in a clean glass pot or a clean container and keep a cap over to it.
  • Clean the bottle with a good quality detergent with mild warm water
  • Clean the bottle from both inside and outside with a dry and clean cloth
  • Allow it to get dry in either sunlight under supervision. Please note that the part 4 or 5 should not get any type of damage otherwise the bottle will start leakage of water and there will be no option left with you except to replace the part
  • Washing frequency should be based on the dirtiness observed by your eyes. Since we are putting purified water into it so there is no need to wash it frequently until needed or felt to clean
  • For any type of clarification, you may write at the link below – or by putting a WhatsApp message on 9252192521 or

When not in use
  • It is strictly advised not to let this product on standby. It is further clarified that Please don’t let the bottle in “NOT in USE” state for a longer time with filled water or even empty. It may affect the quality of the water after this “Not in USE” period. However, we suggest you to flush the bottle with RP purified water at least 3 time before consuming the water.
  • Vacate the bottle first
  • Hold the bottle as shown in the image number –

First time Use Instruction
  • Fill the bottle and wait for 5 minute
  • Do not consume this water. This water may be used for other purpose except drinking. We do not suggest consuming the first output because the media is allowed first time with water so the media is washed properly
  • Fill the bottle again and repeat the process as mentioned in point 2
  • Repeat the process for 5 times to make sure that no big size visible particles are travelling in the water.


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