Negative Ion Water Bottle


Flagship Features




  • Borosilicate Negative Ion (-VE Ion) Water Glass Bottle.
  • Around 600 ml capacity
  • Reusable.
  • Replace many single use plastic water bottles..
  • Environment friendly and helps in reducing carbon footprint.
  • Glass has almost zero rate of chemical interaction thus ensures strength, aroma and flavour.
  • Exclusive Air tight, leak resistant lid safeguards from spoilage and bacteria.
  • Stylish food safe Stainless Steel Infuser console.
  • Ideal for Volkaline’s Type 1 (i) Refills Media Pouch.

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Overview of the Product

Volkaline's eExclusive Negative Ion (-VE Ion) 

Water Bottle is a Combination of

Technical Specification

Product Type:
Infuser Bottle
Product Material:
Glass Body
Product Size (Height X Width):
10 Inches
600 ML
Number Of Piece:
1 Piece

Note: Both the Bottle and the Media Refill are also available to for sale separately.

Everything Know

Need to Know about the Product


The Concept

The following Video describes clearly about the transit of portable water upto our glass


The Hardware

The Glassvial is a super fine Borosilicate Glass Bottle of a capacity around 600 ml

It consists 5 major parts which are classified as below –

Upper Lid with Handle and Pout
(Part Number 1)
Glass Body
(Part Number 2)
Bottom Cover
(Part Number 3)
SS Infuser Net Console
(Part Number 4)
Rubber Ring to avoid Leakage
(Part Number 5)


The Media Refill

Volkaline’s Vedic AMX Series media contains Natural Ingredients of Japanese Geographical Estate. The major part of this recipe contains the volcanic stones which are rich in minerals.

Once the RO purified Acidic water is allowed to contact these stones, they releases minerals in the water.

Negative Ion Water is Positive for our Health. The molecules in negative ion water are smaller than those in regular filtered water. We call it Micro clustered water. This water can be absorbed into your body more quickly and efficiently.

Generally, negative ions increase the flow of oxygen to the whole body organs; resulting in higher alertness, decreased drowsiness, and more energy.


The Complete Product

As an individual, the glass bottle and the Media refill pouch are considered accessories but if we put the media refill pouch into the Part Number 4 i.e. Stainless Steiner infuser console, and fit it back as advised in the manual, it will become a complete Negative Ion WaterBottle.

Enhance your Hydration Anywhere

Generate India’s Best Quality Negative Ion Water at your home by using World’s Top Water Quality Enhancer Refill Media.

Volkaline Glass vial with refill Vedic AMX Type 1 is a next generation Negative Ion Water Bottle which helps to balance the pH of your body and activate your body’s health immune system to fight free radicals & slow-down the aging process. Volkaline uses chemical free methodology to make Nrgative Ion Water at home in a natural way.

Vedic AMX Type 1 refill infuses purified RO water with natural 72 types of trace minerals. Many of them are rare minerals which are not easily found in water. It enhances pH of your water so that your body will feel better cellular hydration, it gives your body what it needs to be healthier.

Key Benefits :


Volkaline Glassvial with Vedic AMX Type 1 is a simple and easy approach to daily hydration. With each sip you feel the purity and increased hydration with pH balancing. This water is full of antioxidants and -VE Ions. This Water can take you to the supreme youthfulness, energy, stamina and freshness. Your water is your food. Don’t take water which has no minerals. Stop consuming acidic water, take care of your body your body will thanks you.

The futuristic Negative Ion (-VE Ion) alkaline water bottle system to purify, pH balance, and mineral –enhanced water as you sip

About Vedic AMX Type 1 refill:

Volkaline’s Refill Media Range is made is made from natural volcanic stones naturally infused with rare earth minerals.

Infusing of Negative Ions into purified Acidic portable water is done using two major ways

  • Through ionizers which uses electricity or battery power to supplied to electrodes and resulting electrolysis of water into positive and negative charged ions. This process has got major limitation in the process because these devices are not capable to mineralize the water. They can only break the water in to +ve and –ve ions. Some of such devices has started to introduce some mineral cartridge also but there is no surety of the material used for the same.
  • Through Media / Recipe Contact: This process work only on the water  but adds important minerals that help you stay hydrated by balancing ph of your body.
How product works:

When purified acidic RO water is allowed to contact with Volkaline’s Japanese antioxidant alkaline refill media .it starts reacting resulting addition of natural trace minerals in the same and increases its ph level towards alkalinity. This whole process is chemical free. Because the refill media is 100% natural. in a way your antioxidant rich , mineralized alkaline water is prepared at home

Glassvial structure:
Cost you save with volkaline:
Reduce the use or say no to plastic bottles:

Made from superfine Borosilicate glass with stainless infuser console. Volkaline means for health safe materials and reduce the use of disposable bottles and less landfill waste.

How To

Add Media to the Glassvial


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